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at my fingertips — Ruby Rodgers

When thinking about the outside, it could be many things. The exterior of a building. The outdoors. Your skin. A friend's face. How has the outside changed ever since being in quarantine?

The birds are louder. I question if they are happy to see less of us... to hear and feel less pollution. How could I capture a bird's view?

I found an app that streams international public surveillance cameras called iSpy. Live footage of factories, parks, museums, schools, and many other public spaces from all around the world are right at my finger tips. Perfect for capturing space during a global crisis.

This project exhibits nine screen recordings, each with a phrase that refers to the social, economical, and political issues endured throughout the world in this time of a pandemic.

Hopefully the future holds respect for mother nature and the gifts of life. Like a friend's face, or the song of a bird.