apartment is a story-driven game, a bit like an interactive novel or movie where the way you play helps to tell the story rather than giving you power over it. We wanted to create a strong connection between you, the player, and the characters whose stories are told in the game. Different sections of apartment have different mechanics that put you in the lives of the characters you play. In some sections you actively build the story, in others the story is in the environment and unfolds as you progress through it.

“We wanted to mechanically replicate the feeling of moping”

Robyn Tong Gray talks about Nick and Madison's apartment, the main hub of the game. The hub was designed to mimic the post-breakup wallowing experience. It turns reminiscing into a mechanic and is used to reveal Nick and Madison's relationship story to the player as they explore the space.

Richard Emms talks about one of the neighbor vignettes, featuring Rose Wright, a romance novelist struggling with her own unfaithfulness. The vignette was designed through its writing and gameplay to actively put players in her shoes: writing passages from her upcoming novel, and evoking emotions of frustration and guilt.

Raghav Bashyal, the designer of the three vignettes for the widowed May Tipton, discusses the process behind the design and development of May. He uses cinematic cuts to create an interactive montage that follows the flow of May's life.

“I’ve always loved telling stories about other people, it’s easier”

The Elsewhere Company is Robyn Tong Gray and Richard Emms, an independent studio that makes strange interactive narrative experiences. Robyn is the cofounder and creative director of Otherworld Interactive, a Los Angeles-based indie game studio. Richard is a product designer and Twitch streamer. By our powers combined, we’ll take you on a journey elsewhere.

Robyn Tong Gray, Richard Emms, Raghav Bashyal, Philip Eberhart, Rachel Goyeau, Katie Chironis, Maureen McHugh, Steve Cha

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