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The Future of Space 
— Nicholas Leon


The Future of Space “Had to put you at a distance but there was always space between us...”To imagine any future, especially in the midst of an unimaginable present, is to seek understanding (How did I get here? Where do we go from here?). Guided by will, to the future we desire, we continually make our way through unknown time and space. Looking back at all we’ve come across, from what we’ve known through the unknown, it may be discouraging to come across an undesired future. By remaining present in that future space, we can come to a new understanding. In my attempt to imagine the future of space, I’ve considered the aspects of space as they relate from the most intimate to the most expansive. Whether or not we arrive at the future of space I’ve imagined, it is my hope we can still arrive at some future of greater understanding.

Personal Space

Private Space

Mental Space

Interior Space

Public Space

Digital Space