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The Errand: A Story about the Future of Space
— Madison Boutilier

The new reality into which we have been thrust has come with the opportunity and requirement to reconcile the differences between what we need and what we want. What rituals and practices are essential to our physical and spiritual well-being? How do we distill those rituals and practices to their core to facilitate their continued existence? Is there a way to reintroduce the normalcy of daily tasks into this abnormal situation? “The Errand” follows a woman as she embarks on one of these ‘spiritual’ rituals. A previously unremarkable task, she must run to the store to pick up wine for a date she has later in the evening. We follow her to the storefront, back through her neighborhood, into her reimagined foyer, and ultimately to meet her date. Through her journey, we are able to witness the future of a variety of types of space, both public and private. These illustrative sketches explore the integration of existing technologies and practices into the Los Angeles context. Neither dire nor ideal, this future instead feels true and tangible. It is an achievable and foreseeable reality. This is the future of space.