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Sensory Deprivation
— Manini Banerjee

As a reader, you are probably seated, reading my scramble of thoughts: fingers on a screen or keyboard, eyes focused on a screen, feeling the warm metal of a tablet or a computer at hand. This is the beginning of our new normal, boxed away in our homes, with a screen or a window as a means to connect with the world. I wonder how our bodies are going to evolve over time through this constant confinement - which has never been enforced from the stone age, till present. I wonder how our body parts are going to adapt   with this prolonged lack of immediate interactions with the outdoor world - much like how a child initially learns and connects to the world from within their home through posters, games or simulations that teach them about their world. The lack of direct physical experiences may distort our view of the world, and I wonder how this distortion will be experienced by our bodies. In order to carry out such speculation, I set out to explore the human body thoroughly in order to observe organs and the five senses in order to imagine their futures through an intersection of digital and analog processes.    

I adopted three different processes: coding, animation and video. Pieces #1 and #9 pieces were done using a programming environment called processing. The environment allowed me to investigate the body as an organic form through a technical and logical means. I found that it was quite hard to replicate the brain in three dimensions due to how procedurally my code was written. In order to achieve more organic shapes, I created two procreate animations: #3 and #8, which allowed me to depict the heart and lungs in an organic way. Finally, I took raw videos of parts of my body which I closely associate to my senses: hand (touch), mouth (taste), nose (smell), ear (hearing). I approached these diverse processes in order to elaborate my exploration in different mediums. Through this form of distortion and exploration, I hope to infer that our senses are going to be captured within the boundaries of our home, unable to leave and run free from confines, much like how our organs are trapped within our bodies.

I decided to take all of these raw coded, animated and video graphics and physically project them onto various parts of the body, in order to create an intersection between the organic and the digital. Through this means of projection and comingling of the inner biological and the outer physical, I challenge the idea of an image and what this may mean in the present day. At the rate at which the world is moving, it is likely that the images that we view are distorted or superimposed, making them a morphed version of their original. In addition to this, I hope to replicate the way that our senses work, recepting and then relaying information to the brain through a series of electrical pulses: demonstrating a system that predates the invention of the manmade digital realm. This system of interplay between electrical energy and the biological, is demonstrated through my choices of projection.