Exploration and Vandalism

Feeling immersed in the world you’re exploring is one of the strongest feelings that can be invoked by a videogame. But exploring without interaction can feel empty, and designers have often sprinkled rewards for the players who take their time to explore - from coins in Mario to pickups in DOOM. These both stimulate and reward players, as well as provide some sort of closure for the path they took. But that’s usually a side objective to the main mechanics.

In SLUDGE LIFE, exploration is the star, and your reward is vandalism. We quickly saw how exploring the world felt great when all the things you climbed led to a new tag spot. And on the way there you might run into interesting scenarios, characters and interactions.

It was from that concept that we built the world, every tower was there to be climbable, every open window to be jumped in or out of, every character to be talked to, even if they didn’t want to talk back. Scoping spots to tag became the perfect real world mechanic to support “looking up” as a player and encourage their vertical exploration.