“ A 2D pinball game is probably one of the most challenging things you can code, because it deals with high-speed collision detection and slopes, two of the most notoriously frustrating things to deal with ”

“ We only had 48 hours to complete it.”

Kiana and Matt have been working on projects together ever since they were in community college. Kiana is an animator and game developer from LA who has always loved both art and science ever since she was a little girl. She graduated from UCLA in 2019 with a B.S. in Applied Math, Specialization in Computing. Matt is an animator, character designer, and game developer based in LA. He loves coffee.

The two of them have collaborated on multiple short films, including the award-winning Changyou’s Journey (2018), and several games, some of which can be played on itch.io. Both of their skill sets are diverse in art and tech, and they enjoy pushing the boundaries of what can be done with both classic and evolving technology.

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