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Moment I  II  III   IV   V   VI 
— Ashley Minjie

This work focuses on the nuances in my apartment and the spaces I've overlooked. As the quarantine has forced us to stay home, I have experienced a new tumultuous relationship with my four walls. I know I am not alone in my experience when somedays I feel confined and other days I feel a vast appreciation for my sacred sanctuary. I chose to intentionally interact with unused spaces like my kitchen floor, my balcony, and the walls where soothing shadows are projected. I meditate in the corner of my kitchen floor as half the frame wildly shakes in uncertainty. At times I feel calm and rested, but other times I feel trapped and alone. The left half is still representative of the stillness in meditation, but also the uncomfortable stagnancy I am forced to confront. I walk in circles on the balcony coming and going from the inside to the outside and on. It reflects the uncertainty of leaving the house to be prone to an invisible illness. The video ends with the door closed not being able to enter back inside. It begs this question; Will society be able to go back to normal or will a new normal will take place?


Moment I

Moment II

Moment III

Moment IV

Moment V

Moment VI