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In the Still 
— Helen Criales and Taylor Nichole Parker

In the Still: A photographic essay by Helen Criales and Taylor Nichole Parker. The sequence explores the intersection of the soul and spatiality; studying the place where the two immensities touch. It captures the subject in the final hours of inhabiting her studio of four years; portraying the intimacy of solitude, the sanctity of space when imbued with spirit, and the role of both in the evolution of the self.

The narrative embodies Rilke’s notion of an ‘interiority that ceaselessly caresses itself,’ ancient eastern practices of caressing space and Sringara Rasa theory. The work is an ode to the connection that is always available through a presence to the infinite; of feeling one’s place within the eternal fabric of the whole; of the tenderness that penetrates beyond the walls of one’s material dwelling.

Photographed on February 28, 2020 - its creation coincided with the emergence of COVID-19 to the United States. The subject has since returned from living abroad; experiencing the act of uprooting several times throughout the crisis. Such instability solidifies the need for this connection more than ever.