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Implications of ___Space 
— Iris Xie

Video 01: This ___space is unprecedented in our lifetimes. A thesis statement for the pieces following.

Video 03: What’s the alternative? Let’s examine ___space and speculate on it’s natural properties. What would our world be like without ___space?

Video 05: Cross into the two dimensional field. It is only a derivative, what lies between the lines? Which stories go untold? How can we humble ourselves?

Video 07: A friendly reminder that you are not alone.

Video 02: We are confined, defined, denied. Take this message in varying context, as well as both literally or figuratively.

Video 04: Enter the flatland!

Video 06: Expansion at the cost of order. Without restriction of ___space we risk randomness and stress.

Video 08: Now more than ever we can witness the power of the individual.

Video 09: Consider each other in this shared ___space.