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— Dionicio Ichillumpa

Future of Safe Space:
Probably the most all-encompassing prefix to the prompt: “_Space” has to be Safe. This term has become mandatory for all places in our society for the foreseeable future. It is an element we have all prioritized as the deciding factor on whether or not we choose to engage with a space. This brings forward a new load of constraints for designers and occupants, which will undoubtedly have a rippling effect on all aspects of our lives. Simple acts like running errands or answering the front door, now present a new set of factors needing to be addressed, factors we may have previously ignored, now constitute methods of contemporary interaction. We will soon be introduced into a new way of living, the transition into this unfamiliar version of life, though challenging, will generate creativity as a byproduct of the restrictions of our new reality.

Future of Idle Space:
Being in a state of idleness typically carries a negative connotation, with the majority of the country being ‘idle’ it’s easy to assume that we are all just wasting time and not doing anything of value. It’s easy to overlook the benefits of slowing things down and watching the daily hustle come to an unexpected halt. The circumstances of our global situation puts into perspective the aspects of our lives that truly matter, highlighting areas we may have previously taken for granted. It’s important to have an idle space in your life, just not an idle future.

Future of (Y)our Routine:
The prompt really goes beyond space, why limit it to just that? The future of any space is always in question, it’s kind of interesting to stop and think about the future of our daily habits. It’s pretty easy to get stuck doing the same things over and over with little to no awareness of its effect on your life- we tend to bury the idea of change, and just accept things as part of the pattern of life. If anything, isolation has forced me to reflect on the uncertainty of life outside of our routine.