Benjamin Vanmuysen

Coordinate Social Distancing

March 2020


A Year Later Reflection

March 2021

While the initial nine drawings, as part of the digital ‘Future of _Space’ exhibition last year, explored the radii around static geometries, the three following postscript drawings examine their movement through space. The original series of illustrations described the envelopes around the edges of multiple geometries in an effort to visualize a six foot radius through multiple dimensions and coordinate systems.

One year later, in an attempt to represent static geometries in motion, the envelopes around the vector, azimuthal and polar arc are wandering through their respective primitives. To capture their journey, the envelopes are slit-scanned in three directions, resulting in deformed and curious blobs. The lateral scans are rendered as solids and contours, while the vertical scan is represented as a point cloud. In other words, the displacement is decomposed through its inherent axis and differentiated through surfaces, curves and points. By superimposing all three slit-scans, the drawings offer a composite view of the envelopes’ movement through the Cartesian, cylindrical and spherical coordinate systems.