Abigayle Cosinuke

Meeting ID: 004 1724 2020

March 2020

Meeting Memoji

March 2021

At the start of quarantine last March, I used zoom for the first time. The experience was deeply disorienting and fascinating.  I had never spent so much time alone with my own face. Exploring the strange passage of time and space through my own image was my way of making sense of the system shock of sheltering in place. When I started making zoom portraits I had no way of knowing how much more deeply I (my body, my image, my mind) would become with technology. But as days turned into weeks turned into months, digital platforms became my primary space for socializing, working, shopping, thinking. My radiant screens are my constant companions and my tether to the world around me, a reminder of my existence. We’ve heard so much about zoom fatigue and eye strain etc. But I feel like I’m suffering from digital dysmorphia. My technologically mediated self is searching for a form. Part flesh, part pixel, this liminal avatar is knitting together my split geographies.