is Clemens Finkelstein and Parsa Khalili


March 2020

 Space 2.0 [extended stasis]

March 2021

[ Space sublates] It assimilates smaller entities into larger ones; stretches spatiotemporal units to the brink of cognition; provokes psycho-semantic satiation through immutable recurrence.———. Within a year,  Space has moved across three continents, remaining in extended stasis.———. Drifting in place, its operators have acclimatized to a de-spacing of their built environments. Every surface that clads their relentless interiority eventually deteriorates, divulging nuances formerly ignored or unseen. Like a fractal, new and never-ending depth is contained in the details of every niche.———. “Not much has changed,” they say, yet notice a swerve between temporalities: virtual/real, self/other. Â-synchronic, their life-units circle and spiral as incalculable n-body-problem.———. “Time”—mislabeled (a) constant, τ— deflects attempts at orientation within these fiberglass forests.———. Yet, “Life” grafts deeper into the original framework.———. Novel micro-choreographies emerge between inhabitants of  Space. Their awareness of converging data points attunes them to their new role as pattern watchers: registering each movement and function of the day. The vector of life is made clearer with each daily transition, but anomalies and aberrations persist from the outside.———. Against growth and decay cycles,  Space often remains the only register of progressive existence.