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330,000 FT APART
— Miriam Kuhlmann

In response to your Futureof_Space call for participation I would like to submit work that has been created as part of Lucy McRae's seminar "The Brink" during quarantine in my living room, which I transformed into the Femme Future Lab.

In these times of uncertainty, this work explores the most isolated, unpredictable space there is: literal outer space and the question of feminity in space exploration. One of the items I crafted is a supersized sculpture representing an unwrapped female space suit. While we are usually used to an abundance and a large variety of resources, the restriction of available materials and confined spaces we experience during quarantine may perhaps help us understand the fierce conditions individuals must undergo during the exploration of outer space. For this reason I wanted the sculpture to not follow any existing aesthetic, the process I followed was highly intuitive and hence the result was unclear. Showing the process of the work is my way to connect as an artist physically and mentally with the viewer through technology.