A scent journey by Artist Devon Baur


Smell. Print. is an ode to our senses, particularly smell. When we think about our senses we often dismiss our sense of smell, but what happens when it is lost? In an era of digital media we try so desperately to capture our lives with photographs, but smell is our sense with the strongest neurological ties to memory and emotion. Even though smelling is a process that is often unconscious, it is always invisibly shaping our experience of the world - and how we remember it. Stepping away from over a year in isolation and on Zoom, this in-person work invites you to not just see, but rather feel how scents can house memories in the body.   

In design the sense of vision is often placed over others in terms of importance and the richness it adds to our lived experience. Smell. Print. aims to challenge this sensory hierarchy and invites the audience to meditate on how our environments and daily lives are influenced by the invisible force of smells around us. We offer this dedication to our underappreciated power as a sort of meditation following the COVID-19 pandemic when many had their senses afflicted whether through illness or the sensory mundanity of quarantine. As such we ask our audience including designers of all sorts to consider their experience and creativity through the lens of smell.